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Newsletter - December 13th 2011

Welcome to the December edition of the Living File newsletter.

This month we're excited about some major feature improvements to Living File. Changes that will personalise your Living File experience and make it even more rewarding.

We hear your feedback, and we want to make it happen. Recently, you asked for two quite opposite type of features – so we decided to implement both of them.

Go invisible!
Announcing a new privacy option that allows you to become completely invisible, even to other users on the site. Check the invisibility box on your privacy settings and only people that are already your friends will be able to see that you even exist as a user. You won't appear in user searches and if you don't have any friends on the site, you will be completely hidden.

More visibility, more impact
The second exciting change is for users who want the exact opposite – to be more visible. Until now your profile and activity lists have been visible only to other users on the site. But with the new options you can publish your activity lists, specific lists of books you've read or movies you've watched to anyone with an internet connection.

The default privacy option is for new activities to be visible only to friends, so only items that you have selected as ”visible to everyone” will be affected. In other words, there is no need to worry if you don't want people to see your activities and haven't made active changes to your privacy settings. And if you've chosen to be invisible, no one who isn't logged in – or who isn't your friend – will be able to see anything of yours on

View your activity privacy settings on the privacy summary page:

NEW: Activity Card tweaks
Another new feature optimizes the activity card feature for use on your homepage or your blog. It now links directly to your configured lists. See how it works on our example user:

Coming soon
We're working nonstop to improve Living File, even over the busy holidays. Next up we're planning to implement better editing features that will enable you to use colors, bold, italics and more when you write your journal entries. So keep checking in and watch out for our next newsletter!

Happy holidays,

Living File -

Newsletter - October 28th 2011

Spam issue:

As some of you may have noticed has recently been discovered by spammers that have tried to find ways in which they can spam our users.

They have not been very successful, but they did manage to send a few friend requests and messages and we would like to apologize to those of you that have been targeted.

The good news is that we quickly went to work to find a way in which to stop the spamming attempts, which we believe we've now done by implementing two new privacy settings.

The first setting decides whether or not you want to receive friend requests from users that don't know your e-mail address, while the second indicates whether or not you want to receive messages from users you are not friends with. We have unticked both of these options for all users, but you are of course welcome to change them back by editing your privacy settings here:

New features:

But we haven't spent all our time focusing on spammers. Over the past couple of months we've been improving both the design and the navigation of the site and we're not done yet!

We're also continuing to add more activity types and to improve on the current ones, and we've added options for you to invite your friends via Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

To read more about some of the recent changes please have a look at the online news section:

And as always we're more than happy to hear from you about suggestions, complaints, ideas or anything else you feel like writing to us about!

Best wishes,

Living File -

Newsletter - September 24th 2010

It's now been two months since we launched the first public beta version of, and you've had the time to check out and (hopefully) use the site. So we figured it's a good time to tell you a little about who we are - and what we're doing. was created and is run by a small group of people in their spare time. We think of the site as being among the "last of the pioneer projects". You know, before everything ends up being run by Google and Microsoft. And since you're here with us, clearly you feel the same way.

So far, so good. Since opening things up in August, we're nearing 500 users and steadily continuing to grow. We still have a lot to do (and in that pioneer spirit, we want to do it all), but we need your help in prioritizing what should come first.

That's why we ask that you spend just a minute to check out our list of 21 suggestions for improvement -- and pick 5 things you'd most like to see on

And one more thing. One of the biggest obstacles this kind of pioneer site faces is the lack of funding to advertise to reach new users. So we could use your help here, too. If you would like to become better, smarter, bigger, faster and more useful:

  • Tell your friends.
  • Share on Facebook.
  • Blog about us.
  • Link to us.
  • And keep sending us your suggestions.

Stick with us - this is going to be big. With your participation, that is.

Best wishes,

Welcome to Living File - public beta

After several months of private beta testing Living File is now ready to enter into its next phase - public beta. A small group of people have helped us test the site over the past couple of months and we have made a great deal of improvements with their help, a few of which have been listed on this page.

The site should now be ready for everyone to use and we are very much looking forward to seeing it in use by a much broader group of people. Everything has been thoroughly tested, but we are still in the beta testing phase and we hope that you will have a look around and let us know if you find anything that isn't working or that you think could be improved. You can use the Feedback link in the options bar - any type of feedback is welcome, new ideas, change suggestions, criticism or anything else you can think of.

One of the main ideas behind the site is that it should be just as useful and interesting to a single user who doesn't want to share information with anyone, as it hopefully will be to those who will want to share their activities with friends. If you belong in the second category you can invite as many friends as you like by using the Friends link in the options bar.

So thank you for joining - and have fun!

July 26th 2010

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