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  • If you can't find the answer you're looking for on this page, please feel free to drop us a note with your question by following this link.

Profile and Settings

  • The profile page is where everything related to your account can be viewed or changed. Your global privacy settings can be changed here and this is also where you can upload a new profile picture, change your password, access support tickets and read messages that have been sent to you.
  • This is also where you can get a list of unread activity comments and a list of activities you may have marked as incomplete.
  • Some of these pages can also be reached directly from anywhere on the site by clicking the small icons above your picture in the blue link bar.
  • Your profile can be accessed by clicking your own picture or name at the left side of the link options bar.

Privacy Settings

  • Privacy settings can be changed in a few different places. The Edit Preferences link on the Profile page will allow you to change the global privacy settings, which is all you need to do unless you have more specific requirements.
  • If you prefer to have one type of privacy setting for some activity and another for other ones, you can choose to change the default setting for each activity type individually. This is done by going to the list view page for the activity type you want to change and then following the Example and settings link.


  • Statistics can help provide you with a quick and consolidated insight into things you spend time, money or even calories on. The statistics vary between different types of activities, depending on the kind of information that can be registered. With the take-out activity, for instance, you can see how much money you have spent on ordering take-out over a given period of time and with the TV activities you will be able to see how much time you have spent watching TV in a week, month or even year.
  • The statistics page can be reached by going to the list view page of the relevant activity (click the icon on the My Activities page) and clicking the view statistics link at the top.

Public Items

  • The Public Items system enables you to link certain activities to those of your friends and they can do the same. If you for instance have been to a restaurant you can now search and see if any of your friends have been to the same restaurant and link the activities together. As your friends do the same you will be able to share reviews and thoughts about the place and see how you rated the place compared to your friends.
  • And when you register a movie you have watched you can quickly see if any of your friends have watched the same movie and link to it. As you and your friends link your own activities together a Public Item will begin to emerge, made up of the many different links to the same unique activity - in this case a movie. You can even link your own activities to see how many times you watched the same movie or read the same book.
  • Right from your first link you will be able to compare your ratings, thoughts and comments about the specific movie, book, restaurant or other activity with your friends. As the Public Items then grow and more links are made through the friends of your friends, the comparison base will grow too, allowing you to compare your own ratings and thoughts about a specific activity with people from all over the world.
  • You will also be able to discover TV shows, holiday destinations, video games and other things that many of your friends have enjoyed, but you might not yet know about. Since your friends can connect to your activities too, when they for instance discover that they have watched the same movie as you, you can sit back and let the connections build up around you.
  • Privacy: Linking your items to a Public Item will not in any way compromise your privacy setting of the item you link from.
  • So far Public Items have been enabled for the following types of activities: Books, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Restaurants and Albums.


  • Connections can be used to show that an activity was done in the company of a friend on the site. The easiest way to register a friend connection is to click the puzzle icon of the activity in question on the My Activities page and then select one or several friends from the drop-down list.
  • In the future you will be able to get a full list of all the activities you have done with a specific friend.


  • The comment system is probably quite similar to other places online, but there is a slight difference. They can be used only to comment on specific activities, not to leave general comments to a user.
  • When you register an activity you can individually select who you want to be able to leave comments. You can for instance decide that you want the whole world to be able to view an activity, but that only your friends can leave comments. You can also choose only to allow your friends to view the activity, but that nobody is allowed to leave comments.
  • These settings can be set either globally to apply to all activity types, individually per activity type or specifically for a single activity.
  • Comments are indicated by the speech bubble icon, which will become red when an activity has an attached comment you haven't read yet and blue when there is a comment that you have read.


  • The Notes system is a way for you to write more extensively about individual activities.
  • Since notes are always private and can only ever be viewed by you, they can be used as a way to leave journal entries about specific activities that may deserve to be remembered by more than the standard information.
  • Notes are indicated by the tack icon, which will become blue when an activity has a note attached.

My Activities / Friend Feed

  • These two pages are almost identical in layout, with a few exceptions. The My Activities page only shows a list of your own activities and has more icons in the options-bar per activity, whereas Friend Feed page shows a combined list of the activities of your friends and only shows the icons that are relevant there. You can for instance copy the activity of a friend to your own profile, but cannot edit his or her activities.
  • Links: There are a couple of links available on the page that may not be immediately apparent. To see the details of an individual activity, for instance, you will have to click the text that describes the activity itself. If you instead click the activity icon you will be taken to the list view page that gives an overview of all the activities of that type.
  • The four icons to the left in the options-bar indicate the following: Comments, Connections, Notes and your Privacy Setting of the activity.
  • The three icons to the right in the options-bar are shortcuts that allow you to Edit or Copy the activity or to Add an activity of the same type.
  • Sorting: By clicking either the Creation Date link or the Activity Date link at the top of the page you can choose to sort the list of activities by either when they were registered or by when they took place.
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