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A quick description of how the site works

The basics

  • The basic idea is to keep a journal based on activities rather than plain writing. How many and how often is completely up to you.
  • There are quite a few different activity types already defined and more are being added all the time.
  • To not be overwhelmed it might help to pick out the ones that interest you from the start and ignore the rest.
  • You can use the search box on the welcome page to find them and add them to your list of favorites.
  • They will then be easily accessible from the Find Activities page.

The social aspect

  • Each activity entry can be shared with friends or be kept completely private.
  • You can set a privacy settings for all your future entries right from the start. You can also have a different setting per activity type or you can choose a different setting for each individual activity you register.
  • In other words you may want to update your friends about one movie you watched, but keep another movie private and just for your journal.
  • Some of the more specific activity types (books, movies, games, TV shows) can be linked to those of your friends via the Public Items system, allowing you to compare ratings, reviews, comments and suggestions.

The lists

  • Since entries are permanent (unless you decide to delete them) you can refer back to them to easily remember when you last read a specific book, what you thought about a certain restaurant or a number of other things you might have done.
  • You can choose to share your complete lists of movies you have watched or books you have read with your friends and get inspiration from their lists as well.
  • All updates are made up of unique activity types that both identify exactly what the activity was, while leaving room for comments and personal notes. This makes Living File much more structured than other sites and allows for all kinds of interesting statistics

Early days

  • The site is still in its early days and we have many improvements planned for the near future.
  • If the concept interests you and you would like to see it evolve we would be very happy to hear from you.
  • Any suggestions you might have for improvements are more than welcome, we're still small enough to consider each suggestion carefully.
  • And should you feel like telling your friends about us, that would be a great help as well.
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