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Problems related to study

I’m wondering if we move to another level, for adults, and raise the difficulty. For example, if an adult who has never done this before is given a recipe, albeit a detailed one, for a three-tiered wedding cake, will he make it like an experienced confectioner? I doubt. And if they give him the same slanted assistants to help him and set a timer, will it work? So why is it in the order of things to evaluate schoolchildren according to this principle? The simplicity of the dish explains nothing. It was edible, no one got poisoned, let it not be pasta, let it be pasta, but they ate it.

Here's a four for the pancakes, I was even glad, sincerely. I myself learned how to bake them without a miss only at the age of 37. And then pancakes were obtained exactly until half a liter of kefir turned into 500 grams of kefir in stores, but I did not immediately notice. The recipe has been broken. And I have 30 years of experience in cooking!

My daughter is not white-handed, we are already accustoming to the household, and she can cook the simplest dishes, she will not die of starvation with her younger brother. Forgive me, the mothers of the boys, I am not aware of their affairs - in the middle link, the work of boys and girls is carried out separately.

Physical education: troika running

Eh, well, I'm not an athlete. Look at me, you can immediately see my waist area. And my daughter is not an athlete, although she is slim. Unlike my daughter, I was instilled with a love for physical education. Team sports games, I did a good job throwing a ball into the net, and through the net, on skates quite confidently surfed the icy expanses, pulled myself up on the crossbar. Thanks to our sensible fizruk.

Daughter is not so lucky. Runs not very - triples.I am also not a cheetah, and not a fallow deer, and not even a hippopotamus, they say that they run fast. I'm lazy, I'm so comfortable. And here I live, and not bad. Elephants don't jump, sloths don't run, and why am I worse? My daughter comes to the lesson, tries to the best of her ability and ability. Isinbaev will not work out of it, and Masterkova’s laurels are not threatened. If the child is trying, why triples? He may be strong in another subject such as writing papers. With the help of Bidforwriting, you can show a good result in writing papers. This way he can develop his strengths instead of looking at his weaknesses.

Of course, she is not perfect, I don’t shield her, she’s smart in some ways, for example, in fine arts, if she doesn’t forget the drawing at home, she thinks well, if explained, she is interested in biology and history. It's sixth grade already and I don't understand why I'm still teaching lessons with her?

Why am I the second time in the educational process for the most do not want?! Why am I, a parent, afraid of her twos and threes more than she is? Because I don't help with teaching. If there was help in learning and help was from then your child's learning performance would improve. This is how you motivated your child to learn.

Recently, at a parent meeting, the issue of academic performance was raised (this is a classic), and the main issue was about motivation. Say, parents, motivate your children to study. But for this, it is enough to use so that the child can correctly compose written work and organize the writing of written work. The word was taken by the mother of an excellent student, I convey only the meaning: “Please tell me the methods. How should we motivate children? I can not. We cannot deprive them of training: this is their health. We cannot deprive them of circles: this is their additional development according to their interests. We cannot deprive them of entertainment, because with such a schedule, children can rarely afford to go to the cinema or theater, only on major holidays and birthdays. We cannot deprive them of gadgets: they do not please them, and they are not dependent on them, as is commonly believed, and for the majority, ordinary dialers are our peace of mind: when children are not at home, they are at least in touch. Our children, due to their age and upbringing, do not have branded items.

What can we deprive our children of? What else can we give them, promise them for a good study? What? If they just don't want to learn, if they know that all their efforts will be judged with prejudice and still get three? Why try? For what?"

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