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Lili Mayon wrote a journal entry about resume writing on September 1st 2021 at 10:27
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Resume writing

Memory jog: 3 important tips for a letter of motivation

Journal entry:

3 important tips for a letter of motivation

 The letter of motivation is only sometimes part of an application. When awarding study places, scholarships or au-pair places, however, the applicant has to explain his motivation much more often - usually in a letter of motivation, use a professional resume writing service to create your one. The letter of motivation traditionally forms the third page of the application.

Explanation: The first two pages of the application consist of a cover letter and curriculum vitae. Both can of course also comprise more than one page each. The letter of motivation could therefore be described as a bonus.

We'll - career change cover letter - come to the structure, formulations and content of the letter of motivation in a moment. In addition, however, you should always heed these three tips:

Spelling in the letter of motivation:Use the spell checker. Alternatively or in addition, you can have someone proofread. One or more typos can ruin the most compelling content.

Formatting of the letter of motivation:Do not switch back and forth between multiple fonts. This can easily happen if, for example, individual text modules are copied from other documents. In plain English, this means: The font that you use in your letter of motivation should be the same as that used in your cover letter and resume in tabular form, you can create it with And: the font size should also be identical.

Meaningfulness of the letter of motivation:Bring your arguments briefly and concisely to the point. Not an endless gossip! It is best to have short main clauses without many adjectives. You are welcome to write personally and in first person form.

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Activity date: September 1st 2021
Activity time: 10:27
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