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dvmx wrote a journal entry about meeting women on March 6th 2019
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Meeting women

Memory jog: Getting your next girlfriend

Journal entry:

It's kinda lonely when you don't hav a girlfriend. But where the heck do you start meeting women?


It'd be great if there's a Google Maps shows where hot women gather.


Although you can meet women everywhere from going down the street to the grocery store, the opportunities can be minimal.


Before you start though, you have to know how to attract women.


So don't be a creep. Don't hit on women because it can be weird. Meet women like she's joining a fun party.


If you're looking for a certain type, note that the kind of women is usually dependent on where you find her. For example, women at a dive bar will be different from one you meet at a chuch.


Be open to trying new things. You'll like one place more than others, but don't spend your time in one place. Try other places as well.


you don't have to constantly go to bars and clubs to meet women. If you know how to attract women, even walking down the street will present may opportunities to meet women.









Activity date: March 6th 2019
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