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JohnMick wrote a journal entry about effective Paragraph Writing for Academic Essays on November 30th 2020
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Effective Paragraph Writing for Academic Essays

Memory jog: The paragraphs are the main structural blocks of academic essays.

Journal entry:

The paragraphs are the main structural blocks of academic essays. Each paragraph in the essay serves the purpose of presenting an idea, information, or arguments. To get good at writing essays you will need to compose the various effective paragraphs and link them together. You have to make sure that each of the paragraphs in your writing is coherent, well developed, and uniform.  


Many writers with great ideas and arguments fail to come up with strong essays and end up seeking help from a free essay writer. Their essays usually fail to hit the mark because of the lack of information organization. Without a properly structured paragraph, you won’t achieve flow in the writing that captures the audience and allows them to comprehend your ideas. 




Separate paragraph for each point


You should keep one main idea for each of the paragraphs. This allows for the reader to know the main points and helps them connect it to the main thesis. Each idea, claim, or argument can have various sub-points as long as they relate to the main point of the paragraph. If, however, you feel that a certain subpoint can be expanded further then you should give it a new paragraph.


The Paragraph Checklist


Each of the paragraph that you write and include in your essay should have the following:

  • A topic sentence

The topic sentence will state your idea, point, or argument that you look to present in the paragraph. The topic sentence should be placed at the start so that the reader can acquaint themselves with it early in the paragraph.

  • Coherence in logical and information flow

The coherence in the essay writing service allows you to help the idea flow from one point to the other smoothly. You can do this by using specific diction such as synonyms and employing likewise sentence structures. Each sentence should connect to the main idea and the previous sentences through the use of pronouns, keywords, punctuation, and transition words. 

  • Uniformity of the subject matter

The paragraph should focus on the idea presented in the topic sentence. Delving too deep into a single sub-topic will cause you to transgress from the main idea and the main thesis as a whole. Try to become cautious of using too many supporting points in the paragraphs, and instead, try to focus on the crucial and strong ones. This will keep you from wandering around and write my essay will help you keep your paragraphs uniform.


  • Good information development 

To allow for a well-developed paragraph you should make sure that you start from the known and then lead your readers to new information. This allows them to get the context allowing them to understand the analysis, evaluation, and reasoning better.


After presenting the main idea of the paragraph, it is beneficial if you present some information regarding it so the reader can understand it better. After presenting the evidence you should evaluate the supporting information, so the reader can understand why it supports your ideas. The analysis that you make on the topic and the relationships you explore should be used to assist your argument’s conclusion. 


For some essays, it helps to present the ideas chronologically, topically, or through any other classification. This pattern of an online essay writer information flow allows you to write the essay and the reader’s reliability.


Use transitioning and signposts


The transitioning and signpost allows for the reader to judge the sequence of the information. Transition words such as coordinating conjunction and conjunctive adverbs allow for the reader to connect ideas and show relationships between them. The signposts are sentence structures that the reader’s identity easily due to their placement in the paragraphs and their structure. This allows the writer to present the information where write my essay for me the reader expects them to be, such as topic sentences, thesis statements, etc.


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