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susanbrady wrote a journal entry about essay on April 20th 2020
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Essay

Memory jog: Proofreading And Editing Of Essay Papers

Journal entry:

Writing an essay paper is an important process, but to write a fine essay paper, proofreading and editing of an essay is crucial as it makes the essay paper free of errors. Here are some essential steps to perform a high class editing and proofreading in efficiently from Meow Essay site.

First of all, you should begin editing your essay paper with a grammar and spell checker in your PC. The next step targets to watch over the text of complete essay. Re-read the essay and observe if this is understandable and simple to grab the meaning, and if it reflects the text of an academic essay and it is pertinent to the essay topic. If not, change it to bring to the standard. Continue to edit the introductory part of the essay. Ensure that this is short and sufficiently built. This must not be only the statement of the purposes and point of views.

Make sure if all subsections hold pertinent knowledge and are free of worthless sentences. The sentences must be coherent to each other. If it is not the case, their writing can look rough without the obvious transition from single point to the other. You will need to concentrate on each and every sentence of your essay paper.

The conclusion section is the very final object that the teachers read; it is obvious that the teachers start it with the introduction part. So you need to ensure that you follow a steady format of the essay paper.Thesis statement is the core of your essay and you must pay special attention to the formation and presentation of thesis statement. Once you have edited the text of your essay paper, make sure that the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are all corrected. Re-read the essay clearly as this supports to observe the left out errors.

Activity date: April 20th 2020
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