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thomasshaw9688 wrote a journal entry about nemo Catamarans on February 4th 2020
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Nemo Catamarans

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Nemo Catamarans is the best option if you would like to experience a Galapagos tour and totally experience the awesome scenery of these remote islands. They really are an unspoiled habitat near the Equator in the Pacific and give a truly incredible time, so to experience the Galapagos at first hand and in all of their amazing beauty then you should get a tour to enjoy them properly. We have been giving tours of the Galapagos for longer than 15 years and have a massive amount of knowledge of the area, so we can provide any details that you might need to arrange your time away so just give us a call if you require any help.

Activity date: February 4th 2020
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