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francandre wrote a journal entry about meir Ezra - The Financial Expansion on October 27th 2015
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Meir Ezra - The Financial Expansion

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Journal entry:

The only value a person has is in how many people he can help.  A person’s bank account never determines ones value. – Meir Ezra


Meir is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and many others.


Finance is the subject of controlling or handling the money of an organization, country or individual.


Being able to use the laws of finance will ensure you will control money, and therefore, will have money.


While finance is a very important subject, it is a simple subject; and yet most people seem to have a lot of problems with controlling or handling money.


This seminar will teach you the exact technology of controlling your finances - and therefore the result will be financial success.


By learning the rules to viability and prosperity, you will become the cause, and no longer the effect, over your personal and business finances.


Finance has a very exact set of SIMPLE rules that, if followed, you simply can not fail. If you ever failed financially, you violated these rules. And they are so simple!


Meir Ezra was also a regular guest on The Odeta Show (The Oprah of Israel) and would speak on topics ranging from business to parenting.




Activity date: October 27th 2015
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