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joebild wrote a journal entry about some Health Secrets are Hidden in Our Home on June 21st 2021
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Subject: Some Health Secrets are Hidden in Our Home

Memory jog: Some Health Secrets are Hidden in Our Home

Journal entry:

For serious health issues we always need to visit a doctor but in last 2 decade, we have gone so much down in our health status that for every single health issue we need medicines. Most of are so fearful about small health causalities that they are making their bodiesbased on a pillar of antibiotics. Medicines help to solve the issue but before that, we should improve our immune system and at the end, if things are going out of control we should start taking medications. Here are some home based secrets that can help you deal with the problem and improve your immune system.


1) Dark Circles – Cosmetic industry totally covered our life and for every single issue we take help of beauty products or cosmetic medicines. Dark circle is known as a sign of aging but due to over stress on our eyes we do get dark circles very early. Most of us spend so much money on dark circle removing cream and they might get surprised to know just a potato juice around eyes for a month can help them solve this problem.


2) Testosterone Issue – This is a common male sexual problem that bothers a lot of men and despite taking many medications and treatment it does increase testosterone count. By adding some specific food items in your diet like watermelon, salmon, oyster one can significantly increase testosterone level.


3) A headache – There are many types of a headache we suffer from and we just take one pain killer and settle it down. Taking such painkillers for every single issue makes our body senseless with the content of that tablet. You might wonder that most of a headache occurs dues to acidity, lack of sleep or just having no food for energy. Next time you face headache problem just grab a chocolate and see the difference.


4) Weight Loss – This has become the most expensive sector as people are ready to spend thousands to lose body weight. By eating good food and spending at least 30 minutes on exercise one can easily maintain healthy body weight. It’s time to think before you take any medicine and think if you can solve it by any other way.




Activity date: June 21st 2021
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