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Lenneth wrote a journal entry about waterproofing ​help on April 13th 2020
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We offer waterproofing and foundation crack repair services in Boston & Surrounding Areas.



The soil water exerts hydrostatic pressure on the building, especially the basement, walls and the floors. The entry of water through cracks could cause very severe construction damage like decay, mold and moisture encompassing damages. DiggingFirstly to carry out the task we dig a percentage dept around the perimeter of the house around the building. The digging is carried out till the baseline of the foundation stone. In order to provide you with the best output we utilize the best products over the walls and thus carry out the waterproofing task with detailing. We utilize crushed stones, gravels, drainage tiles and perforated pipes and install them under the area demanding protection. We then channel the discharge materials by mechanical or gravity techniques via a proper drainage system.  Search For CracksWhen the excavation is completed, the next thing we put across is check and find out the areas in which the water is seeping. Once all such places are tracked, we apply hydraulic acid to the walls in order to stop the leaking. The cement comprising the hydraulic acid is sure to expand while the curing process is on. Thus the cracks are healed and the probability of leakage of water can be completely eradicated. Application of SealantNext an application of cement rich in sealant is made on the exterior walls of the construction. The cement based sealant can be applied with ease over masonry pores and concrete. The cement eventually hardens and clogs the pores in the concrete walls. In case a hairline crack ignored attention in the prior step of application of the hydraulic cement, it can easily be fixed in this step with hydraulic cement.  This step is sure to cover up all the remaining cracks. Membrane is asphalt treated polyurethane material. This step encompasses installing a thick coat of membrane. It can be done by spraying from the outer side on the foundation wall in order to make the sealing process perfect. The elastomeric membrane exhibit impressive waterproofing characteristics and are even long lasting. Moreover, such membranes are capable of moving and sealing new cracks. Thus, waterproofing items are more effective than damp proof items.



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