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Lenneth wrote a journal entry about complete Injection and Waterproofing (CIW) on March 6th 2020
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Complete Injection and Waterproofing (CIW)

Memory jog: Complete Injection and Waterproofing (CIW)

Journal entry:

CIW brings over 30 years of experience and watertight solutions to commercial construction waterproofing. Our teams install Bentonite Waterproofing membranes to Australian commercial buildings in Below Water Table projects in challenging conditions such as beach side sand based high rise developments. From residential properties to major resort constructions of 200,000 m2 since 1996. Our remedial teams provide post construction basement tanking and concrete repairs to new and established structures. Our project history is characterised by faithful ownership.

Activity date: March 6th 2020
Activity time:
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