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thomasshaw9688 wrote a journal entry about spooky Eyes on August 11th 2019
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Subject: Spooky Eyes

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Spooky Eyes


If you’d like to shock the neighbourhood kids with an incredibly realistic costume or make your locals look like cheap characters, our Halloween lenses are the perfect accessory to finish off your outfit on the spookiest evening of the year. If there’s one element lacking from nearly all outfits on October 31st it is the spooky eyes. How could anyone really believe you’re a Dracula when the eyes do not have any element of horror? What self-respecting evil doctor does not have terrifying color in their eyes? Who isn’t instantly horrified by all-black eyes?Halloween eye contacts elevate your outfit to a completely new quality and will make sure no one else has a hope in hell with you at the Haloween party! They’re ideal for any type of Halloween costume, with lenses for all the most loved evil characters, such as ghosts, devils and lots more.  Better yet, we have Halloween eye contact lenses which give a subtle style that is sure to terrify all your rivals, which includes our popular black-out and whiteout lenses that work well with many styles of outfits. Actually, some of the contacts are creepy enough that you can wear just the contacts and still be very horrifying this Halloween. So, why go for half measures when you would make an incredible outfit that is finished off with some unsettling eyes? That’s not to say we do not have less horrifying costumes with these Halloween lenses - we have sclera,  demon and Halloween contacts which can be used with any character that you would love to wear to spook your neighbours.

Activity date: August 11th 2019
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