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jamesmustain wrote a journal entry about fAQs: How Often to Vacuum Your Home? (Find The Best Answer Right Here!) on April 5th 2021
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Subject: FAQs: How Often to Vacuum Your Home? (Find The Best Answer Right Here!)

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Do you only clean your house with the Shark Navigator Lift or so when you notice them appearing dirty? How often to vacuum?


According to hygiene specialists and interior designers, you should vacuum floors at least once per week. All kinds of flooring can gather dirt and dust, which can reduce their beauty. Not all, if you go longer than seven days between vacuuming sessions, health issues will also appear. Dirt and dust are likely to aggravate bacteria and allergies tracked in by your shoes and stemming from spilled foods and shed skin cells. They may even lead to severe infections such as dysentery and pneumonia.


The type of flooring in your home as well as your family’s lifestyle should factor into your cleaning schedule with your Best vacuum cleaners in the world. So, continue reading to decide on what is right for your living space.


Follow this guide to decide on when to clean the flooring type installed in your place.


Increase your vacuuming frequency depending on the type of flooring


1. Detail your carpeted floors twice a week


Carpets need more frequent vacuuming since the fibers trap allergens, dirt, and dust while also absorbing spills and grime, thus being a breeding ground for bacteria. If you neglect your soiled carpet and keep on walking on it, the debris and dirt will get entangled and become more difficult to clean.


2. Vacuum your tile and hardwood floors once per week


Weekly vacuuming is enough these floors as they do not collect as much dirt, dust, and bacteria as your carpeting do. Their flat, hard surface and the sealant on many hardwood floors as well as the glaze on the tile, which manage to keep bacteria and grime at bay. That said, allergens and dust can still gather on the surface and become caught between tiles and wooden floorboards. That is why you need to do regular vacuuming.


3. Clean daily if your house has pets


Your home’s floors will easily get littered with pet dander and hair. Also, dogs, cats, parakeets etc. that go outside are highly likely to bring in bacteria, which can induce infections, vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea in humans. A swift daily cleaning routine will help remove bacteria and help maintain the health of your family. In case you do not have enough time to clean the entire house, you can focus on rooms that your cats, etc. spend most of their time.


Identify vacuuming frequency depending on your room usage


If your space gets more activities as well as foot traffic, you should clean it more.


1. Tackle spaces with average use once a week


Home offices and bedrooms tend to be used every day but by quite a few members of your family, which will keep them free from dirt longer.


2. Clean high-traffic rooms every few days


The floors in hallways, playrooms of kids, mudrooms, and kitchens usually receive wear-and-tear that is more than average. They tend to grow dingy quicker as well. That is why they need more frequent vacuuming.


3. Vacuum your seldom-used spaces once per two weeks


Formal dining rooms, sunrooms, and guest rooms often get little foot traffic. Thus, you can clean them less frequently.


Vacuum your rugs twice weekly


You should deal with any mats which cover short-fiber carpeted floors, tiles, hardwood floors twice a week using the models from Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews. In case you do not know, your rug fibers can absorb grime as well as accumulating bacteria at around a similar rate to the carpet. The rugs’ coverage area may influence the frequency that you detail the flooring under them.




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