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thomasshaw9688 wrote a journal entry about spiritual Life Coaching on February 9th 2020
Activity type: Journal entry

Subject: Spiritual Life Coaching

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Spiritual CoachDeepen your connection with your inner world and create more joy, freedom and inner peace. Find your spiritual voice and awaken! Spiritual Life Coaching is about developing a deep connection to both your inner world and to something much larger than yourself. What topics does Spiritual Life Coaching cover? Spiritual Life Coaching is an approach which combines aspects of coaching such as goal setting and action planning with a focus on the following: Inner peace. Ego and Identity. Inner purpose and outer purpose. Discovering and moving through blocks. Going with the flow Becoming more conscious. Staying Grounded. Accessing Inner Wisdom. Developing intuition. Connecting with your Higher Self. Letting go and forgiving. Using the Law of Attraction. Raising your Vibration. Coming into alignment with your true self. Harnessing your energy & more. Covering the UK, Manchester, Sheffield | Rebecca Kirk.

Activity date: February 9th 2020
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