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thomasshaw9688 wrote a journal entry about equine bodywork on April 24th 2019
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Subject: equine bodywork

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equine bodywork



Dino has always had a special attraction and love for horses so it only seemed natural for him to apply his expertise and knowledge to help horses.To watch Dino work with the horses is a sight to behold.


It's a Balanced Equine Structural Therapy, including Equine Bodywork Clinics as well as Equine Massage Training. After receiving the certification in Equine Massage Therapy from the Optissage in Circleville, Ohio, Dino started working on horses in 1996. His calming demeanor and respect for the horse enable him to get incredible results from his bodywork. He has had many veterinarians seek his expertise in evaluating injuries.


His methods are based on the simple basics of massage and stretching. He uses simple hand placements and body mechanics to ensure safety for both himself and the horse at all times. He listens to the horses and watches their reactions to determine the points that need the most attention. The horse’s reactions to him are incredible, they seem to want him to touch them and they really like to play with him.Dino has invented a unique massage tool called the Octassager. 


Dino is also in the design stage of a new tool that will easily help you, the horse owner, to imitate the natural grooming technique that horses use on one another.

Activity date: April 24th 2019
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